We Are Windsor On Stage!

What's PLAYing in Windsor!

When you want to see a movie, what do you do? You view a list of all current movies and can see when and where they are playing. But what about local theatre? Windsor has more theatre companies who are actively putting on productions than most people realize. Not all companies can afford large marketing budgets, and each company's plays are during different months. How do you find out ALL the productions which are playing during a particular season? You have to visit each company's individual website to find out if they even have something playing this month. Frustrating... and many smaller companies get overlooked.

Enter... Windsor On Stage! Created by Sherri and Kevin Noecker, and now maintained by Kristina Garswood, we maintain a list of all local theatre companies and we also try to maintain a comprehensive list of what's playing each month. So you can easily find a play or musical. Stay tuned as we build our directory and update the information.

The main source of regular updates will be Our Facebook Page and this blog will contain the directory's lists of companies and productions. Contact us via FB to let us know about changes or additions to our lists!